What’s next for business after 31st October 2019?

This may well be the question of the decade!

What indeed does the future hold for businesses after the deal – or no deal – is struck and we exit the European Union?

The answers won’t be instant that’s for sure, nor will they be set in stone, but will evolve over time as businesses learn to adapt to the inevitable changes that Brexit will force upon them. Large corporations won’t necessarily find the change easier than the SME community, but the process will be easier as they will have whole teams of Brexit strategists, experts, facilitators and managers on hand to manage the process as painlessly as possible.

But, small-medium companies won’t have the luxury of a Brexit ‘team’ in place, and senior executives and business owners will have to ‘learn as they go’ and forge the paths they believe to be the best for their companies. This is a huge challenge and a huge task, and this will be on top of the day to day direction and management.

FREE Business Mentoring Taster Event

Senior executives and business owners may find some answers (and solace that they are not alone) from leading Brexit strategist Katrina McWhinnie as she delivers a keynote session at a forthcoming FREE business event, and will attempt to clarify the confusion and answer some of the immediate challenge facing the business community. She describes Brexit as a process, not an event, and perhaps this is the stance we should adopt when forming our own Brexit business strategies. This FREE event is sponsored by Artemis & Apollo a business forum consisting of senior executives from private, public and voluntary sectors.

This topical and content-rich FREE event won’t discuss only Brexit but will see the launch of a brand-new leadership model developed by Josie Payne Managing Director of leadership, coaching and business mentoring specialists, Bruck Payne Associates.

The FREE event is available to senior executives and business owners who will also have the opportunity to engage with their peers on topics and issues that are challenging their businesses today.

Although this event is free, attendees must register, and those quick off the mark, will receive a 360-degree personality profile worth £120, free of charge, to complete before the event, and the results will be available to collect on the day.


Wednesday 27th November at Alexandra House, Swindon