What would a better performing sales team look like?

Increased sales, better customer retention, higher average sale value, more new customers? What impact would this have on your bottom line? A confident, highly-motivated sales team, better staff retention and people who are easier to manage. Will this make your life better? We haven’t yet mentioned the direct benefits this could have for you, such as:

  • promotion
  • increased commission or bonus payments
  • higher regard from your peers and the corporate hierarchy.

All of this is possible through skilled, expert coaching and mentoring which puts an emphasis firmly on developing and nurturing the skills your sales people need to survive and excel in today’s commercial environment. Bruck Payne Associates has worked with hundreds of sales people identifying personality traits and habits that were preventing them from being more authentic and successful versions of themselves. We have unlocked potential and unknown talents, nurtured strengths and inspired even the most cynical of sales people and coached them to be better performing individuals and team players. In addition, through positive development of the people at the heart of the sales process, they have without question, added value to both team and organisation.

Increased sales, better customer retention, higher average sale value, more new customers?

It’s not just about your sales team. What about you? We know that it can be tough and lonely at the top. You can’t share your innermost thoughts (or fears) with your team, and certainly not with those above you on the corporate ladder, which frequently leads to added stress, frustration, a feeling of isolation and potential burnout. We provide a ‘safe haven’ for sales managers and directors where challenges, strengths, weaknesses and fears can be shared with others who are facing precisely the same challenges and fears. These small groups are led by our own skilled people who are vastly experienced in helping managers and directors such as you to find resolutions to the issues that they face.

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