An executive development programme for senior leaders in policing

  • 20/21 Programme starts 21st October 2020 (Last few spaces remaining)
  • NEW 20/21 Programme date added 27st October 2020
  • £3,850 per Delegate (exc. VAT)
  • Virtual (TEAMS) and Face-to-Face Training
  • High Success Rates
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Confronting and overcoming challenges of today

The development of our talented senior police officers and staff has become an imperative in supporting the complex and fast-moving pace of modern policing in the UK.

As with the private and voluntary sectors, public services are confronting an ever-growing range of challenges and “wicked problems”. These must be responded to in the full glare of the media and therefore the public spotlight and for the emergency services, this is now on a truly global scale.

Our programme has been developed by leadership representatives from a range of civil organisations, community, education, business as well as senior police advocates and leaders.

Strategic leadership and management is a complex activity and the more senior you become the more difficult and diverse are the challenges. Policing requires its senior executives to be able to think on many different levels and about many different things, often more than one at a time. Society is changing around us, often in ways we cannot see or anticipate.

It is with the above in mind that we have developed the executive development programme for senior leaders in policing.

Our Success Stories



In 2018 we had three out of seven successful applicants at SPNAC




In 2019 we had four out of six successful applicants at SPNAC

Nikki Leaper

The Policing Horizons programme gave me the opportunity to develop and stretch my thinking preparing me for a Chief Officer role. The programme combines different elements giving you the space to try and test your leadership style in a safe learning environment

Nikki Leaper Chief Superintendent Devon, Cornwall and Dorset Police, ‘Policing Horizons’ delegate and successful senior command course candidate 2019.

Dave Thorne

Strap yourself in securely and get ready for the ride! This is a programme that will help you truly self-reflect and see into the mystery of what being a member of the Executive of an organisation really means. Every support is in place and available to help you through this journey and it will make you into a better leader.

Dave Thorne Assistant Chief Constable South Wales Police, ‘Policing Horizons’ delegate and successful senior command course candidate 2019.

Deb Smith

The group learning played to my strengths and the way in which the programme was delivered opened up fantastic opportunities to learn best practice from others and seek different approaches to challenging issues. The wider partnership engagement day was a great opportunity to think holistically about approaches to solving issues faced by agencies with whom we all work closely as a service.

Deb Smith Assistant Chief Constable Wiltshire Police, ‘Policing Horizons’ delegate and successful senior command course candidate 2019.

Mark Cooper

The support and advice given by Josie and her team throughout the programme helped me realise my potential and demonstrate my authentic leadership that she saw as my true strength. This led to my success at SPNAC and more importantly beyond, at the Senior Command Course and undoubtedly resulted in me being appointed as Assistant Chief Constable for Wiltshire Police.

Mark Cooper Assistant Chief Constable Wiltshire Police, ‘Policing Horizons’ delegate and successful senior command course candidate 2019.

James Gale

The Policing Horizons course unbolted and shoved open the door of senior police leadership, and helped me to walk through. The chance to challenge my thinking, to discuss and reflect deeply about the leadership, ethics, politics and public nature of senior police roles was exceptional, and undoubtedly helped me through a Chief Superintendent promotion process. More importantly, it enhanced my skills and strategic awareness which proved invaluable as I led a busy command through the unprecedented national emergency of 2020. It continues to provide a platform for ambition and further responsibility – huge thanks to Josie and the team!

James Gale Chief Superintendent Devon and Cornwall Police, ‘Policing Horizons’ delegate and successful senior command course candidate 2019.

Matthew Longman

The Policing Horizons Programme was a huge help to me because it really was a programme, rather than a ‘turn up and listen’. A carefully thought out structure led me through interesting discussions, thought provoking inputs and challenging exercises. Sometimes out of my comfort zone, but never without support and good reason, it was time very well spent. Overall it helped me clarify exactly what I think senior police leadership is all about, and what part I wish to play, which is surely the cornerstone of anyone’s ongoing development.

Matthew Longman

Our Policing Horizon Programme isn’t just for those individuals going for SPNAC immediately. It has also provided support for those applying to move from Superintendent to Chief Superintendent.

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