The Programme

Welcome to Inspiring Minds

In todays global climate we are looking at the most competitive employment environment that we have ever seen. Higher Education places and Jobs are tough to secure and students need to be given every opportunity to make the right choices. Dropping out is no longer an option.

I am thrilled to introduce you to our dynamic new programme, designed for young people aged 16 – 24.

The journey starts with students focusing on their abilities, skills, interests and personal values. By increasing their self-awareness about their ‘gifts’ through a psychometric tool, they develop a better understanding of where they might be most fulfilled in the world of work and what they need to do in order to achieve their goal.

How is the programme implemented?
“Into The Students’ Successful Future”

  • Introductory Meeting – We will arrange an appointment to come and discuss all the options that are available to you and how the programme could be rolled out.
  • Teacher Implementation – In the initial stage we recommend that teacher participation and understanding prior to the student completion stage embeds the structure into your School, College or University.
  • Student Programme Presentation – The student presentation is typically conducted at an open evening or parent/teacher conference. This engages student interest and parental support.
  • Student Workshops – Conducted in student groups, we create a bespoke programme that is tailored around your requirements.
  • Follow up Sessions – Once the programme is complete, we will review the process and outcomes with your nominated school representative, explaining the research gathered on the trends we have identified within that particular student year


They will get advice on which careers would best suit that type and therefore suit them, they will also gain a greater understanding of how the people around them work and therefore learn how to communicate with them with greater effect.

The programme will help them understand how they learn best and also how others achieve this in a different way.
Greater self-awareness.

Better understanding of the competencies that will enable them to grow as individuals and as team players.
To gain an understanding of what success looks like.

The experience of being supported and challenged.

Becoming a member of international Alumni with access to advice and support.

A broader understanding of the personality traits of their children, which will provide a deeper insight into supporting their careers.

Improving children’s business language skills and understanding.

Developing their children’s emotional intelligence.

Developing learning and personal development at an early age.

Greater ownership by children for their own careers.

Guidance for children to achieve meaningful goals and subsequent increased motivation.

The next steps

If you have any questions, or are interested in hearing more about the Bringing Performance Alive in Education Programme and what we do, please contact us at our office directly by phone or go to the contact us page and complete the form.