Who am I?

  • An existing student – in any learning environment
  • A young person who is combining studies with work
  • A young person on an apprentice scheme
  • A young person on a ‘gap year’
  • A young person who is weighing up education and career choices
  • A young person who is weighing up life choices
  • A post-graduate
  • A young person who would like to get to know oneself better

If so, our Inspiring Minds programme for young people aged 12-21 is here to support you in exploring taking your next steps

Our vision is to promote and encourage young people to have a better understanding of themselves, to raise their awareness of their own strengths and value, building self-confidence and self esteem in all the things they do.

Through our programme, the knowledge and learning gained, motivates young people to look to their future and face challenges in all aspects of life, consequently making better choices in times of transitional change.

The team will be glad to talk you through the process and costs involved. Please do download our leaflet attached for further information. We look forward to speaking to you.

Programme Details

Download our programme flyer