360º Leadership Report

Choreographing Thought Streams

BPA have developed a unique 360 Leadership Report designed around our own unique leadership model

Good Leaders never stop learning. They are curious!

Leaders who make a difference continually update their skills

What can sometimes make it more difficult is that learning in a leadership role can be more ‘stretching’ than in previous roles. On the way up your skills may have been more technical, more project driven, more individually targeted. When you become a leader and have responsibility for others, the skills that you have used every day for yourself begin to change.

It goes from ‘doing’ the work, to planning it, leading it and empowering and managing the people who do it.

To learn as a leader requires a significant commitment to think and work differently. To avoid the stagnating thinking trap of doing ‘what you’ve always done’ by choreographing your thought streams and pushing the boundaries of your knowledge. Don’t get left behind. Only *Polar Bear Pirates get to Fat City!

Leaders embody the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that allow others to fulfil their potential. Leaders exist anywhere in the organisation. Authority, role or status does not confer leadership, although they confer management position. Leaders must also effectively navigate greater ambiguity and paradox, be able to change quickly, with flexibility as well as agility, and engage with internal and external stakeholders in a more collaborative way. They are individuals who are able to:

The Six Leadership 360º Abilities

Learn Facilitates the learning of others and continuously transforms themselves
Empower Give others the freedom to make their own decisions
Agile Create structure that nurtures healthy culture, builds collaboration and transforms working life
Develop Inspire others to bring their best selves to work to achieve more of their potential
Example Sets an example through their own behaviour
Resourceful Sets an example through their own behaviour

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