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What is PROFILE:MATCH 360°?

This is a ‘cutting-edge’ psychometric, your virtual psychologist aiming to put the interpretive expertise of highly experienced business psychologists at your disposal.  PROFILE:MATCH® is an expert system designed by the Psychological Consultancy Company (PCL), who have been at the leading edge of online assessment for almost a decade.

Abandoning the “one size fits all” approach of using the same personality questionnaire for every role, PROFILE:MATCH® allows you to tailor assessments, creating questionnaires that target key competencies influencing performance.  By cutting out irrelevant information, reports are sharply focused and to the point.

Your main task in relation to PROFILE:MATCH® is to select the competencies from the list provided that underpins high performance in any role.

PROFILE:MATCH® uses the familiar language of workplace competencies, eliminating the need to speak ‘psychometrics’.

While the competency approach provides a consistent framework for candidate evaluation, in the past competency ratings have often been based on subjective judgements.  PROFILE:MATCH® competency ratings are 100% consistent – and fair to all candidates

PROFILE:MATCH® competency ratings are mathematically formulated using ‘Competency Metrics’ so they can be refined in the light of qualitative and objective research and fine tuned to the particular competency definitions of any organisation

The art of profile interpretation is to recover the subtlety and complexity of personality lost in the measurement process.  PROFILE:MATCH® unravels interactions between scales, blending up to 5 different scales in each competency rating and incorporates non-linear relationships to which other psychometric techniques are ‘blind’.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]