HOGAN Perspectives

What are the HOGAN perspectives on Personality?

HOGAN Personality Inventory

The’ BRIGHT SIDE’ of Personality – the you that other people know

The (HPI) is the first of a distinctive new generation of personality questionnaires shaped by job performance research. The HPI raises aspirations for personality assessment from mere description of candidates to prediction of their job performance. The result is a 206 item questionnaire which identifies the individuals most likely to be effective in any role, and the roles in which individuals are likely to be most effective.

Uses:    Staff Selection; Personal Development; Staff Retention

Motives Values Preferences Inventory

The ‘INSIDE’ of Personality – the you that you know

The MVPI promotes the understanding needed to deal with, advise, motivate or manage people more effectively.  It provides an objective profile of the individual across important pre-dispositions that motivate choices and decisions.  It explains why an individual directs their energies in the way that they do and why they are able or willing to cope with the various situations in which they may find themselves.

Uses:  The Individual; The Team; The Organisation

HOGAN Development Survey

The ‘DARK SIDE’ of Personality – behind the social mask

Bosses that alienate colleagues and subordinates undermine the commitment and effectiveness of the workforce with inevitable consequences for productivity, retention and the bottom line.  Based on research into management derailment, the HDS identifies 11 such patterns of dysfunctional interpersonal leadership behaviour.  These ‘DARK SIDE’ tendencies erode trust, loyalty, and enthusiasm and are of particular concern in relation to supervisory, managerial and leadership roles. The HDS measures 11 such flawed interpersonal styles that become exaggerated under pressure and are difficult to detect in interviews.

Uses:  Management Development Programmes; Coaching; Advanced Team Building; Management Selection

Other 360 Programmes

Emotional Competency

The ECI is a structured and systematic way of asking people who know you well, how they see you consistently behaving. Of course, the competencies it measures are those, which are most relevant to work.
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