Inspirational Leadership

Effective leaders understand and accept themselves; they are clear about their values, strengths and weaknesses. Our leadership interventions will help your leaders develop this insight alongside the self-confidence to recognise the choices they must make for themselves and others.

BPA believe that Inspirational Leaders:

  • Recognise and develop the potential of others so that they perform with both competence and passion
  • Understand and foster both diversity and interdependence
  • Navigate through the subtle complexities and connections of the organisation
  • Understand and nurture ethically rooted high performance
  • Create purpose and meaning that unifies communities and teams
  • Think and act more strategically and systemically

Our development approaches include the use of self-awareness tools, individual coaching and shared learning. We encourage participants to work on real issues not just theory, so that translating good intentions into effective action becomes second nature.

Inspirational leadership focuses the organisation around a core purpose that gives meaning to each employee. To do this in a way that builds trust between leader and follower requires the ethical and responsible use of power. The ability to build this trust, through self awareness and authenticity will ‘enable’ the aspiring leader.

Exceptional leaders do all of this and in so doing lay the foundations for exceptional performance. A performance based on passion for purpose, high levels of trust built on authentic engagement and a desire to achieve and succeed together as a collaborative.

BPA take Inspirational Leadership into organisations through its leadership development programmes, based on research, and grounded in the real world of strategic management. It is designed to take individual executives, in a supported way, to the edge of their comfort zones, a fertile space for learning. A carefully blended mix of conceptual, practical and emotional challenges provide the basis for learning that will positively translate in to sustainable individual and organisational development.