How to retain staff and influence people.

Retaining good people isn’t always about increasing salary, bonus or benefits. Sometimes it is the investment that a company makes in their personal development and wellbeing, recognising and developing leadership or management qualities, or simply helping them to perform better, that is central to whether they stay or leave.

People who are performing to the best of their abilities can have a hugely positive impact throughout a department or company-wide, not to mention on the balance sheet. Just imagine if your departments and teams were led by highly motivated people who were committed to getting the best out of the people who report to them, who in turn were committed to better performance.

Retaining good people isn’t always about increasing salary, bonus or benefits.

Bruck Payne Associates has worked with hundreds of managers, directors and senior executives helping them to get the most out of themselves and their people. We teach how to lead and manage more effectively, unlock leadership potential and add value to the individual and the organisation.

We combine our expertise in developing people with utilising advanced psychometric tools and learning programmes designed to improve performance, and when people perform better, they enjoy a greater sense of self-worth and achievement. These are the people who tend to stay longer with companies which are willing to invest in their development and wellbeing.

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