Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Why be ordinary?

Directors, senior executives, business owners. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Our coaching team spends many thousands of hours each year visiting large corporations, small-medium enterprises, private and public sector, charities and voluntary organisations listening and learning about the challenges that face senior executives today. We also watch very carefully for the non-verbal […]

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Josie nominated for Businesswoman of the Year!

Bruck Payne’s managing director Josie Payne nominated for prestigious Businesswoman of the Year 2019 Award. Women’s Business Club is a respected national network of high calibre businesswomen who are either business owners or working at a senior level within an organisation. With a membership of over 6,000 senior women, WBC’s mission is to help women […]

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Should you lean in?

Should you lean in? There is still much talk, debate, and indeed a number of books penned, advising women executives to ‘lean in’. But what did ‘lean in’ mean when it became a business motto as far back as 2013, and importantly does it have relevance today? When Sheryl Sandberg wrote her best-selling book Lean […]

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