Business Mentoring Group – Artemis & Apollo

The Concept

The Artemis and Apollo business mentoring group is for executive women and men from private, public and voluntary sectors, who wish to become more effective in the way they manage and lead their organisations. All members are individuals in senior positions who have significant experience in business. The small groups provide the forum for experiential learning through action learning, stimulating discussion and creative thinking.


  • Taking time out to consider how you lead your organisation
  • Working out new ways of operating in complex situations
  • Finding a solution for a problem that looks unsolvable
  • Discovering a toolkit that will help manage those difficult political issues
  • Learning to listen authentically
  • Unlearning what has become habitual and replacing this with something else
  • Recognising that you have to become the change you want to make to the organisation
  • Having time to reflect, ask questions, reflect and ask again
  • Working out a balanced life style

Our Purpose

To become the leading thinker and adviser to the future successful business executives in the world. To unlock latent talent in leaders who aim to make a difference.

Bruck Payne Associates promote leadership based on sound values and trust that will encourage our members to liberate their potential and so increase the performance of individuals, teams and the organisations for whom they work.

Leaders understand that in creating purpose and meaning for all the people in an organisation they are, through connecting ‘hearts and minds’ with strategy, building a sustainable platform for high performance. Our research and experience show that this is what makes the difference to people on the ground; this is what engages them and ensures they want to perform at a higher level. More than ever, great leadership is about achieving results through people.

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Please note: the Artemis and Apollo business mentoring group is currently only open to individuals in senior positions. We are looking to extend this so please check back.