Bruck Payne to offer GCSE careers pop-up on Wootton Bassett high street

A POP-UP careers workshop hopes to inspire GCSE pupils about where to take the next step in their future.

Bruck Payne Associates, a business consultancy and training centre based in Royal Wootton Bassett, is hosting its second Inspiring Minds Inspiring Careers stand on the high street this Saturday.

The day will invite three local directors to share their wisdom of the workplace to help 12-21-year-olds which path is best for them.

Inspiring Minds offers bespoke programmes for youngsters struggling to find their niche, helping them to understand how they learn and the best career path suited to their personality.

Helen Koon from Bruck Payne explained the thinking behind the programmes.

“It’s to offer guidance through a tailored workshop training to help them how they learn in their own unique way,” she said.

“So it’s unique to them, to help them understand how they learn, how they operate and learn personally.

“After that we can offer them more guidance into their careers to help them to decide where they want to go, whether they want to take up an apprenticeship, or go to college or university.

“It can be quite a stressful time for the youngsters so that’s why we’re present on the high street.

“Hopefully the directors are going to meet the youngsters, give out information, answer questions, and inspire them.

George Croxford, Headteacher of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, said: “The schools programme that Bruck Payne offer to all our 6th formers provides valuable knowledge for students on themselves, their likes, dislikes, suitable careers, unsuitable careers and possible pathways for the future.

It can confirm or question a career path and all our students have gained hugely from completing the programme. It helps their self-awareness and self-confidence.”

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