Our Values

We strongly believe in these core values as they are central to our work ethic and our relationships with our customers. Each value has been carefully chosen to reflect who we are as a company.


in the world of business, is defined as the quality of conducting one’s business in a manner that lacks hidden agendas or conditions and reflects a culture of clarity, honesty and openness. We strongly believe that transparency is key to a cooperative and trusting relationship with our partners. This is why we conduct ourselves with this value in mind and are open with ourselves, our colleagues and our members.


can be described as the quality of being genuine, consistent and reliable. The term summarises a range of important behaviours, such as the ability to be honest, listen to others and conduct oneself in a way that shows humility and a belief in others’ strengths and potential. We work with these values in mind, and as such welcome diverse views and honest discussion.


can be characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, encourage thoughtful discussion and to generate novel solutions. The ability to think and act creatively is strongly embedded into the work we do. We are constantly striving to raise the bar on learning, develop new and unique ways to teach and inspire and most of all enable individuals or companies to achieve and realise their potential. This is why our courses not only provide compelling educational content, but are delivered in a way that facilitates an open and educational experience too.

Meet the team

Bruck Payne Associates Ltd consultants have worked at all levels in organisations to help improve the effectiveness of individuals, teams and inter-dependent teams.

Providing coaching on a one to one basis and facilitating bespoke organisational development group workshops for executive, director and middle management teams to manage the introduction of major new cultural change programmes as well as the implementation of Values into realistic behaviours that organisations rigorously adopt into every aspect of business life.