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What can you expect?

The Artemis group members meet bi-monthly to explore solutions to real problems, both organisationally and in their everyday life experiences. Through honest debate and fierce conversations, each member decides on the actions that they want to take forward.

  • Explaining your issue
  • Allow other members the time and freedom to provide honest feedback
  • Individual time to reflect on the feedback and decide on the action or actions to take forward
  • Support from the other members of your group between one meeting and the next to put your action or actions into practice
  • Feedback to the group the outcome
  • What type of issues are discussed in an Artemis Group?

    Discussions are focused around work-related issues. Members might raise areas to explore around development of new skills within their own organisations or ask for input on a particular project.

    As part of a bespoke leadership and development programme. Members look to develop the skills they learn.

  • What can you expect from your Facilitator?

    Your facilitator’s role is to provide guidance on the theory and practice of the Artemis programme, enabling the group’s members to learn by the unique experiences of the group.

    Research has shown that our experienced facilitators will lead your group to success.

    The facilitator will use the Artemis model to:

    • Will use insightful questioning, to support members to explore how their actions could work in practice
    • Will create a programme structure for the members of each group, including creating the dynamic of each group and encouraging members to reflect on their own behaviours
    • Provide strategic learning tools to aid personal development and implement in your own organisations


What are the benefits of Action Learning Sets?

• The ability to learn from successes and failures
• To plan important changes and make those decisions
• Invest in your own personal development
• Value yourself and your values
• Explore strengths and weaknesses and be comfortable with them
• Monitor stress and manage it successfully

The programme is a non-judgmental arena. The value of each member’s experiences, abilities, skills and knowledge is recognised by others at a similar level.
However at the same time we ask our members to be challenging with each other and to lead conversations on how to do things or think about things differently

What are the benefits of Action Learning to organisations?

• A key feature of the programme is to enable individuals to model what they learn within their own organisations and to create a culture of the ‘Learning Organisation’.
• Each member can lead a culture of questioning and seeking new and better ways to do things.
• Each group develops skills in models participation and responsibility, empowerment and collaboration.
• Ultimately all the learning techniques within this programme are transferable and represent an ideal ‘learning management executive”.

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Membership Offering

  • 6 one day meetings per year (10:00 – 16:00)
  • Facilitation by an accredited Bruck Payne Associates Ltd practitioner
  • A Professional Business Speaker Programme
  • Annual Conference
  • All course material
  • Two course lunch and refreshments
  • Access to International business networking
  • Long service recognition Membership discount

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