Artemis and Apollo – Missenden Abbey

The Artemis and Apollo delegates met at the Missenden Abbey Conference Centre, in Buckinghamshire, on Thursday, 8th July. The Centre is a subsidiary of Buckinghamshire New University.


Beautiful grounds of Missenden Abbey

The delegates were given the challenge of writing and directing a video which comically showcases stressful situations and then shows strategies to overcome them. The creative task encourages the delegates to work in a team and to think openly, possibly encouraging them to work outside their comfort zone.


The delegates discussing their plan for the video

The creative format went down extremely well and not only did it prove to be an insightful new tool in team building and leadership, yet also proved to be a lot of fun and to be very enjoyable in such a beautiful setting.


The delegates filming a scene in the picturesque setting of Missenden Abbey

We look forward to seeing how the final video turned out and to the development of this exclusive new format in our new leadership training programme.