Artemis and Apollo Guest Speaker – 29/11/17

We are pleased to announce that the guest speaker for the Artemis and Apollo meeting on November 29th at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel, 108 Baker St, Marylebone, London is Catherine Holland.

Catherine is an experienced senior leader, coach, writer and Associate of Amara Collaboration. She has a long background in managing corporate services at a senior level understanding the demands of governance, and the challenges of securing real and lasting change in organisations. Catherine strives to be an authentic leader and uses her passion, personal experience and story telling to inspire others.

Until March 2017 she was Chief Executive of the Reducing Reoffending Partnership. Prior to this Catherine was the Chief Executive of the Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust, the seconded largest Probation Trust in the UK consistently producing some of the best reducing re-offending rates in the country and recognised for excellence at four stars by the British Quality Foundation. Catherine designed and led the Trust though a performance turn- around programme, and later through extensive structural changes taking the public sector service safely and effectively into the private sector. As Chief Executive of the newly formed Reducing Reoffending Partnership she led a significant restructure and implementation of a new delivery model.

Widowed suddenly in 2016 Catherine is experiencing a major personal transformation and is exploring what are the next steps for her life. She writes and talks about her experience of bereavement and resilience and believes passionately that sharing such personal transformations can empower and support others.
Catherine originally trained as a Social Worker and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, and a MSc (distinction) in Organisational Development and Management Learning.